Downtown days are good days

Every day that I get to spend Downtown, in the Core, is a good day. This week, I visited the Core on Wednesday and Friday.

On Wednesday, I walked around a bit outside of my normal areas (near Hemming Park and the Forsyth-Bay entertainment blocks) toward some more historic buildings on Julia and Pearl streets: the Commerce and Agriculture building, Klutho’s Baptist church and the old Federal courthouse and Post Office.

Since it was nearly 5 o’clock, I waited for Big Jim. And waited. And thought I heard him, and was surprised at the difference a block makes — he’s audible but muffled from the northeast corner of Hemming Park. It seemed he was late, or I was expecting him early. When he did ring out, he was much louder by the courthouse than I’ve ever heard him from Hemming Park; it seemed as if I was right beside him in Springfield.

Friday didn’t bring any Big Jim encounters, but I did see the Main Street bridge go up three times from the best spot: the Hadlow board room at the Chamber of Commerce office. Also that day, I had the experience of cementing my career goal: promoting Downtown Jacksonville. It started with a networking exercise.

We were told to introduce ourselves with our names, hometowns, and one interesting or unique fact. My fact was that I grew up believing Jacksonville was the greatest city in the world. The reactions varied, but they all showed me that I need to focus on Jacksonville, not public relations, when I describe myself.

It’s an awesome feeling when you crystallize just what it is you want to do for your career, when you take action and start to see the results immediately.


About newzgrrl

Writer, editor, photographer, Southerner. I love Downtown Jacksonville and bicycles.
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