Magic in the air

There’s something about Downtown at night. It’s quieter, sure, but on an early fall evening a little before midnight, the air holds magic. I’m composing from Dive Bar and Michael Jackson is playing. Don’t stop ’till you get enough: perfect words of motivation from the King of Pop. By the way, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra will perform the music of MJ this Saturday, preceded on Thursday by the American Fusion concert.

Back to the wonder of Downtown at night. I wanted to visit the Haydon Burns Library to see the original mural that inspired my newest art acquisition. And since I was already at Ocean and Adams, why not visit Laura between Adams and Forsyth? See, the Carling faces the Florida Life Building. At night, a sign in red atop the Carling is on, and it gives the Florida Life’s tan bricks a warm glow.

What was that thing in the air that made the temperature perfect skirt weather? That same thing had a way of carrying the light… Winter air, cold air, lends a crispness to the scene, obvious in daytime photos of stillness. But fall air isn’t like that, nor is it like summer air, damp and heavy with humidity. Maybe it’s the same thing that carries the smell of freshly cut football fields beyond the boundaries of sidelines and endzones.

The buildings and night sky kept giving inspiration. Each time I thought I’d seen all the possible shots for an angle, I found another. Too bad the only camera on hand was the ever-handy point-and-shoot, and not a film camera. Certainly there’s good reason to come back. As if one was needed…


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Writer, editor, photographer, Southerner. I love Downtown Jacksonville and bicycles.
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3 Responses to Magic in the air

  1. dukeroberts says:

    Your post evokes the feeling that I was down there with you. The picture helps too. When I was younger, I always thought that was such an ugly, bizarre building. I have come to appreciate it more over the years, as so many other things have changed into modern, post-modern, neo-modern, what-have-you architectural and design styles. It is still a bizarre looking building. Yes, but so unique.

  2. newzgrrl says:

    Thank you, Mr. Roberts. I, too, used to think the Haydon Burns was ugly. As I learned more about architecture and preservation, and that the library is considered Taylor Hardwick’s masterpiece and a gem of modernism itself, I began to appreciate much more the fins on the side and the brick mosaic. It’s a little wacky and quite different from the Prairie buildings of Henry Klutho, but that just makes it fit better with Jacksonville itself.

  3. newzgrrl says:

    The painting was made by Sharon Osterholt of Tavares. Check her out here:

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