Am I stepping into the Twilight Zone?

For the last two days, I’ve worked Downtown, all day, in an office. And while there were plenty of reminders that I was in the middle of it all — skyline photographs and paintings, window views of the Main Street Bridge and Independent Life Building Wells Fargo Center — I kept forgetting where I was. Rather, it just didn’t feel like I was in Downtown Jacksonville. It was odd that I had to work to remember that I was in ZIP code 32202, not 32256.

The joy of the day was being outside. Even the walk to the parking lot was exciting — not because the workday was finished, but because there were the historic Dyal-Upchurch and Knight Crockery buildings! Oh, over there is the Bostwick Building with the Anne Banas and Jim Draper “Cat House” mural! This afternoon, I walked two blocks to my bank just to remember what Downtown Jacksonville is like on the street level.

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t hear Big Jim.

I’ll be Downtown again tomorrow and Friday. Maybe I’ll spend a few extra minutes outside, especially at noon and 1.

Do you work Downtown? What is your office like?

(In an effort to post more, I’m attempting to write less. Think closer to Twitter than well-documented research paper. We’ll see how it goes.)


About newzgrrl

Writer, editor, photographer, Southerner. I love Downtown Jacksonville and bicycles.
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