Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

So, it’s been a while. Almost two years. Is this any way to restart a blog? That’s so stream-of-consciousness and hipster-y …

wipes off the dust from the 1’s and 0’s, blows away the dirt accumulated on the WP password

Hi, my name is Beth and I love Downtown. shakes head, too self-indulgent

The Greenleaf & Crosby clock is back, yay! Big Jim is back, yay! One Spark was awesome, yay! The DIA was approved, yay! #oldnews

So, Beth, what’s occupying your brain? Job searching and wedding planning. Oh ….

Would you expect to learn something at a wedding reception? Whether they expect it or not, I will treat wedding guests to an evening of subtle learning and appreciation for Downtown Jacksonville. Really, did you expect any less?

Tables at the reception will be named for historic buildings. We’re talking the building boom of the early 20th century, pre-Bold New City and (mostly) post-Great Fire. Architect names, year opened, address. Even a brief story about what makes the building special. You might imagine some stories will be more difficult than others to keep brief — especially from any buildings by Henry John Klutho.

Why are we doing this? While our ceremony will take place Downtown at St. John’s Cathedral, we unfortunately could not find a reception venue in our price range Downtown. So we’re taking Downtown to the Garden Club.

What’s your favorite Downtown building from the period of 1902 to 1926?


About newzgrrl

Writer, editor, photographer, Southerner. I love Downtown Jacksonville and bicycles.
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1 Response to Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

  1. starpulp says:

    Too cute! Congrats!!!

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